Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria, CBCN, says no political party, organisation or candidate is sponsoring its forthcoming plenary, which is scheduled to hold in Abuja from 11 to 17 February, 2023.

According to a statement jointly signed by the Secretary General, Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Very Reverend Father Zacharia Samjumi, and the National Director of Social Communications, Very Reverend Father Michael Umoh, the Catholic Bishops have incontrovertibly remained a clear and respectable voice, reliable moral compass not just for Catholics, but to the entire citizens especially those who desire good and progress of Nigeria.

The duo, noted, because of the special position the Bishops occupy and the public trust reposed in them, it is not unexpected that many individuals and organisations often seek their attention and advice.

According to them, being an election season, many individuals, organisations and political parties have requested audience with the Bishops as they convene during their annual plenary assembly.

They said, that as fathers to all, the Bishops are open to to listening to all parties since they will cease to be good shepherd if they choose who should come to dialogue with them